Jonathan Adler- Lucite Dog Bowls


Feed man’s best friend fabulously. A Luxe lucite frame with polished brass corners adds beauty to your pup’s basic needs. The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe. For small to medium-sized dogs.


CleverPet Hub - Exercise Your Pet's Mind and Body

The CleverPet Hub is the world's first game console for dogs. The games, which were designed by animal-loving cognitive scientists, keep your dog busy and out of trouble for hours each day. Give your...

Gpet- Dog Bowl Stainless Steel With Rubber Base that Bowls Wont Slip

Stainless steel dog bowls with rubber bottoms that wont slip . The best dog bowls on the market . This bowl didn't slide all over the place when your dog is eating.

Easyology- Stainless Steel Elevated Feeder Bowls for Cats & Small Dogs

One of the greatest things about these dog feeding bowls, besides their excellent craftsmanship and stainless steel construction, is their elevated design. ...

CICO- Pet Feeder

Perfect for small dog and cat.

Catit Style 2-Bowl Glass Diner Set for Pets

The Catit Design Glass Diner makes every meal a fine dining experience. The contemporary design blends in nicely with home décor. Forward-tilting angled dishes and elevated pedestal are ergonomically...

LePet- Elevated Dog Cat Bowls

Promotes digestive health and makes mealtime more comfortable for your pets. This bowl would be perfect for your cats and small dogs.

PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder

Elevated design aids in healthier digestion and improved comfort leaving your pet happier and more content after their meal! Modern solution made from anodized aluminum (including stainless steel...

PetSafe- Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer

Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer is a remote-controlled reward system that uses positive reinforcement for training dogs to behave appropriately at home. The Electronic tool teaches...

MushroomCat- Pet Feeder Double Ceramic Bowls Dog Bowl and Cat Bowl for Small to Medium Dogs and Cats

Double tray stylish ceramic pet bowl for easy cleaning, is the ideal family pet food bowls.

4CLAWS- Elevated Cat Feeder With Glass Bowls

The 4CLAWS elevated feeder is raised 4” from the ground and tilted 15 degrees to offer an ergonomic eating position for pets. It promotes a more healthy feeding posture which puts less stress on...

Pet Junkie- Summit Raised Pet Feeder

The Summit single raised dog bowl from Pet Junkie is the stylish elevated feeder for food or water. This brown, designer chalice pedestal bowl is great for any breed, large or small, and is a unique...

ViviPet- Cat Dining Table

Cat Grass Tray at the side can be used to grow cat grass, store food, water, or toys; ViviPet also included a pack of ViviPet Solid-free Cat Grass Combo as a gift to you.

Petnet- SmartFeeder, Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs

Petnet will help you make intelligent decisions when it comes to your pet's food -- bringing you joy while keeping your pets healthy and happy. The SmartFeeder will help you manage feeding times,...